Guided drive DFM

A star performer in Guided Drives!

Part of Festo Core Product Range
Benefit: Common sizes available from stock, competitive price position against main competitors


Robust design, guide rods, guide bearing, yoke plate
Benefit: Capable of withstanding high lateral forces and torsion


DFM can be mounted from sides/top/bottom/back end
Benefit: Mounting Flexibility


High-performance guiding available in two types:
Benefit: Plain-bearing guide for high loads and very cost efficient
Benefit: Linear ball bearings for superior stiffness and robustness


Direct mount sensor slots
Benefit: simple integration of position feedback

Application Examples                                      


    The DFM is perfectly suited to
    clamping components for reliable
    further processing.


The DFM transports and lifts loads, even over 200kg, powerfully and dynamically.


Loads of up to 150 kg are stopped reliably and safely, making the DFM a resilient and sturdy stopper cylinder.

DFM Applications